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A Brief History Of Tourism In The Bahamas

The Bahamas are a very popular tourist destination which draws visitors from the USA as well as other parts of the world. Many people who visit this area want to know more about its history. With this in mind it can be interesting to read a brief history of tourism in the Bahamas. Pre 1900 To 1945

Not many people realize it but the first hotel was granted building permission back in 1857. In partnership with Samuel Cunard who owned the Cunard line of steamships the government arranged a service that ran to the islands. This would provide the Bahamas with a steady stream of visitors who would bring tourism to the area.

By 1861 the first hotel had opened which was to become to Royal Victoria Hotel. This hotel was situated in Nassau and it was considered a luxury hotel and people flocked to stay there. The hotel remained open until 1971 when it was closed down. By the 1990s the building was still there but it burned down. Today visitors can still see the original gardens of the hotel.

By the end of the civil war the Bahamas were attracting round about 500 visitors per year. In 1914 the Tourism Development Board was created which advertised the area as a tourist destination. By 1919 tourism was so significant that a seaplane service that took people between the Bahamas and Florida had been introduced.

The fortunes of the Bahamas continued to flourish up until the Second World War broke out. People were no longer able to take vacations and money was in short supply. However once the war had ended things changed once again for the Bahamas.

1945 To The Present Day

From the end of the Second World War and into the 1950s there were many hotels that were built in the Bahamas. In the year 1950 the islands welcomed 51,975 vacationers by 1954 this number had dramatically increased to 142,689.

By the 1960s and thanks to the trade embargo with Cuba more and more Americans were choosing the Bahamas as a place to go on vacation. Hotels such as the Lucayan Beach Hotel that had casinos were now also being built and these were very attractive. Tourists flooded the Bahamas and in 1968 one million tourists travelled there.

Unfortunately by the end of the 1960s investment in tourism had started to slow down. This led to a slump in the tourist trade. Over the next 20 years the Bahamas suffered various problems which saw tourists numbers diminish. However this was not to be the case forever and by the early 1980s tourists were once again visiting the area.

Many people thought that the Gulf War in the 1990s would affect the tourist trade in the Bahamas and it was true. Occupancy rates of hotels fell and investment was once again at an all time low. Things had changed for the better by the late 1990s when businesses started to receive investments once again.

One company the RHK Group bought many old hotels and began a total transformation in 1998. By 1999 the first newly renovated hotel had opened and many people started to book onto all inclusive vacation Bahamas resorts. These were seen as a fantastic alternative to package vacations and were loved by families and couples alike.

Today the all inclusive vacations Bahamas hotels advertise are still a huge draw to the islands. They are excellent value for money and they are vacations of this type available to suit all budgets.

For a more detailed look at the history of the Bahamas the Tourism Today website is ideal. Take a look at it here and learn even more about this area of the world.

What Makes The Bahamas So Attractive?

As well as being able to enjoy some of the very best all inclusive vacations Bahamas resorts create there are many more reasons to vacation there.

The beaches - there are some of the most amazing beaches in the world in the Bahamas. If you love nothing more than relaxing on the beach the Bahamas is perfect.

Golf - there are two fantastic golf courses in the Bahamas and keen golfers are eager to try them out. To combine your vacation with your favorite pastime take a look at some of the deals that are available.

Snorkeling and diving - these are just two of the water based activities you can enjoy in the Bahamas. The waters are crystal clear and have many different species of fish and other aquatic animals.

Gambling - if you like gambling and a busy nightlife you will find everything you need on this type of vacation.

Shopping - to visit the very best stores head to Port Luycaya Marketplace. This is next to the waterfront and is perfect for anyone who wants duty free items and more.

Online resources

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