Brief History Of Tourism In The Caribbean

Are thinking of taking your next vacation there and want to understand the area's history. You might not know it but the Caribbean has been welcoming tourists since the 1770s. In fact the very first hotel to open was the Bath Hotel which was located in Nevis. Many people assume that taking vacations is a relatively recent pastime but this is not the case.

A Popular Tourist Destination

The Caribbean and the island of Nevis in particular became a very popular tourist destination thanks to its climate and hot springs. These were seen by the tourists of the time as being beneficial to a person's health and were a huge draw. Believe it or not for many years the beaches of the Caribbean were not actually enjoyed. They were viewed from a distance for their natural beauty.

During the early 19th century the sea was not really regarded as a place to swim in and be entertained by. It was actually classed as a remedy for many different ills. In fact some doctors would prescribe a dip in the sea as a pick me up for various ailments. It was not until the 20th century that the beaches and sea of the Caribbean were enjoyed in the way that they are today.

The first tourists to really start visiting the Caribbean were Americans who were mainly based in and around Florida. This was due to the fact that the Caribbean islands were so close to where they were which meant having to travel less. During the first 150 years of tourism on the Caribbean the islands were seen as something of a luxury. Only people with a certain amount of wealth were able to take vacations on them as they were seen as exotic at a time when most took vacations in America.

By the 1960s there were regular flights to and from the Caribbean which greatly expanded tourism. No longer were the islands only accessible to people with wealth. Instead people from all type of backgrounds were able to afford to take vacations there.

From the 1980s onwards the all inclusive vacation Caribbean resorts that are now commonplace were born. People from all over the world were visiting the Caribbean islands and the economy greatly benefited from this. Vacations in the Caribbean also become much more affordable and it was a destination that honeymooners loved.

All inclusive vacations are in such great demand as they allow people on vacation to get everything they need in one place. Resorts cater to these demands and will have foods from around the world and different drinks to satisfy their customers. They will also spend money on entertainment and provide activities for tourists to enjoy during the day.

Being able to do so many things and eat and drink in one resort is ideal for anyone who wants to relax on vacation. You do not have to think about going out to eat meals and you can spend your days how you wish. With all of your food and drink paid for it also means that budgeting for an all inclusive vacation is much easier too.

The Impact Of Tourism

As the Caribbean islands have been welcoming foreign tourists for over 250 years the impact of tourism has been significant. In fact tourism has created an infrastructure in the Caribbean that would probably not have otherwise been there. Much of the industry on the islands is dedicated to resorts and hotels however many of these are owned by foreign countries.

This means that even though a lot of money is spent on the islands much of it leaves them straight away. Clearly this has an impact on the islanders who simply work in many of the resorts rather than owning them. While this does seem to be quite a somber picture of the impact of tourism it also means there is plenty of investment on the islands. This in turn increases the number of people who visit there each year.

Even though there are hurricanes in the Caribbean the thriving tourist industry has not been affected. People still travel there each year to stay in all inclusive vacation Caribbean resorts as they create such a wonderful vacation.

Finding Vacations Online

People who have never been to the Caribbean before will tend to go there for the first time for a couples vacation. Some will go there to get married at one of the resorts and will want to return there time and time again. Families are also well catered for in the Caribbean as there are so many activities for young and old to join in with.

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