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Famous Boxers

The most famous boxers of the century include the likes of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Mike Tyson.

Famous boxers participate in a sport that, despite its regulations, can have brutal and painful outcomes. The boxers that have become famous are those that have managed repeated victories in the ring, despite tremendous odds against them. Today there are many famous boxers who serve as legends in the industry and in the mind of all boxing fans.

Famous Boxers In History: Pioneers

Figgs has been identified as the very first Heavyweight champion in boxing and is known as the Father of Boxing. James was an educator who promoted boxing as a competitive sport and a skill. Figgs began his sporting endeavors with his skills in using the cudgel and sword, only later adding bare fisted fighting to his skills. He claimed the championship when he fought Ned Sutton. He later established an academy where he taught men the “noble science of defense.” He kept his title of champion until 1734 when he retired. His successor was his student, George Taylor. Figgs was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1992.

Jack Broughton has been identified as one of the leading pioneers of boxing; he is well remembered for his skill and the various innovations he introduced to the bare knuckle fighting era. Broughton won the heavyweight title after defeating boxer George Taylor in 1738. He is known for developing the Broughton Boxing Rules in the early 1740s, an action incited following the accidental death of boxer George Stevenson in the ring at Broughton’s hand. Broughton is the first to develop padded mitten-like gloves for use in exhibitions and training too. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. For more information on the pioneers of boxing, visit the International Boxing Hall of Fame at

Famous Boxers of The 20th Century

The twentieth century saw the introduction of a number of now famous boxers. Top boxers included the likes of Marvin Hagler, Julio César Chávez, Sugar Ray Leonard, Willie Pep Sonny Liston, Joe Louis, Max Schmeling, Jack Johnson, Tommy Ryan, Bob Fitzsimmons, and Jim Jefferies. Of course, the most famous boxers of the century include the likes of Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, and Mike Tyson.

By far, some of the most famous boxers come for the 20th century. As boxing became more strategic and regulated, it became a world-renowned and recognized sport. One of the most well known famous boxers is Muhammad Ali, also known as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Muhammad Ali was trained and taught by Angelo Dundee before he became a professional boxer in the 1960s. He took the Heavyweight title from boxer Sonny Liston. This boxer was a heavyweight champion with fifty-six wins, 37 knockouts, and only five losses during his career before retiring in the year 1981. Unfortunately, during his career, Muhammad Ali was literally exiled for a three year period and stripped of his heavyweight title upon his deliberate refusal to join the armed forces and fight in the Vietnam War. In the late 1990s, this impressive boxer was named Sportsman of the Century by Sports Illustrated. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

George Foreman is yet another popular boxer of the 20th century; known as Big George in the boxing ring, this heavyweight champion had a total of seventy-six wins, sixty-eight knockouts, and five losses before retiring in 1997. This famed boxer also began boxing in the 1960s, then known as a “power puncher.” Prior to his professional career, Foreman had won twenty six amateur boxing fights that got him an invitation onto the Olympic team in the late 1960s. This boxer took the heavyweight championship from famed boxer Joe Frazier: a boxer who had already beaten Muhammad Ali before entering the ring with Foreman. At the age of 45, George Foreman was also the oldest boxer to ever win a title after winning a battle in the ring with boxer Michael Moorer. Forman had his last boxing match in 1997 against Shannon Briggs, and lost. Following his retirement he developed the Foreman Grill and his focuses remain on his personal business endeavors until this day. Foreman was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2003.

Pretty much everyone knows of Mike Tyson. In the ring he has been identified as “Kid Dynamite,” and “Iron Mike.” Tyson is a Brooklyn, New York native with fifty wins, forty-four knockouts, two no contests, and six losses under his belt. Mike Tyson made quite a name for himself before he finally retired in 2005 and Mike has been identified, along with Muhammad Ali, as one of the greatest fighters ever. Tyson was trained by the famed boxing trainer Cus D’Amato. Mike began his career as an amateur boxer but missed an opportunity to participate in the 1984 Olympics.

When he was just twenty years old, Tyson took the Heavyweight title from Trevor Berbick. Tyson also beat the likes of Bonecrusher Smith, Tony Tucker, Pinklon Thomas, Larry Holmes, Tyrell Biggs, and Michael Spinks. Tyson’s downfall began when he lost a boxing match to Buster Douglas and when he was convicted of rape and imprisoned for three years. He returned to the boxing ring in the mid-1990s. He won several matches before he battled Evander Holyfield; the match resulted in Tyson biting the ear of his opponent twice, the second time causing considerable damage. He was suspended from the sport for a period before returning for a period of 18 months were he once again began proving himself a winner in the ring. Despite some of the scandal surrounding Tyson, his private life, and his career, in recent years he has made an extraordinary turn around. He is now viewed by the public and fans in a more positive light. Tyson was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011. .

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