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Many people believe that some places are really haunted.

Real Haunted Places

While not everyone believes in ghosts, hauntings and spirits, some of the evidence does seem a bit hard to deny. If you have ever had an encounter with the paranormal, you may well know that sometimes, things are not always as they seem.

Many of the most famous real haunted houses and real haunted places in America are open to the public, and some even offer special ghost tours. You never know, you might just see one of the famous ghosts at one of America’s real life haunted houses. While there are real life haunted houses throughout America, here are just a few of the most interesting and most haunted.

The Crescent Hotel and Spa

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas has a long history and is a popular real haunted house destination for many people. Some guests, unaware of the hotel’s ghostly history may even find themselves surprised by an encounter with the paranormal. The Crescent Hotel was originally built between 1884 and 1886, relying on the appeal of the local natural springs to draw guests to the area. From its opening to around 1902, the hotel did very well. From 1902 to 1907, it was leased to the Frisco Railroad; however, after 1907, business was not so successful. In 1937, it was leased to one Norman Baker. Norman Baker turned the building into a hospital and asylum of sorts. The legends and stories around this real haunted house often involve Baker and his patients, some of whom are said to have died as the result of his questionable treatments.

Several ghosts have been seen in the Crescent Hotel. One is said to be the ghost of a man killed during construction work on the hotel, often seen or felt in Room 218, the most haunted room in the hotel. Many guests have reported seeing figures in old fashioned, Victorian dress in the bar and lobby of the hotel. A nurse and gurney have also been seen in the hallway of the hotel.

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is not only an interesting real life haunted house, but also quite an interesting house in its own right. The house is the creation of Sarah Winchester, the widow of the heir to the Winchester gun fortune. After losing both her husband and child, Sarah Winchester believed that the spirits of those killed by Winchester guns had cursed her, and that she would only be saved by this grand construction project. This unique house contains some 160 rooms, 30 of which were boarded up after the 1906 earthquake.

While several paranormal events have occurred, the most commonly seen and experienced ghost in this real haunted mansion is that of Sarah Winchester herself. Apparitions of Sarah have been seen, as have apparitions of a man in overalls. Organ music has been heard in the Blue Room, footsteps in Sarah’s bedroom, and the scent of chicken soup has been noticed in the kitchen of this unique and fascination real life haunted house.

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Several former presidents have been reputed
to haunt the White House.

The White House

While its reputation as a real haunted mansion is not the first thing we think of when we think of the White House, it does have its own share of ghost stories. This most important of all real haunted houses is, of course, in Washington D. C. For obvious reasons, the general public does not typically spot the ghost that has been reputed to be in residence in the White House.

Who is the ghost walking the halls of the White House? While several former presidents have been reputed to haunt the White House, the one most commonly reported is that of Abraham Lincoln. Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Jacqueline Kennedy all acknowledged Lincoln’s ghost in the White House.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

One of the most interesting real life haunted places in America is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Many people have seen apparitions of soldiers and battles on the battlefield at Gettysburg. Skirmishes were fought throughout Gettysburg, and stories of visions, apparitions, cold spots and other paranormal activity make this a one of the most famous real haunted places in America. After the battle at Gettysburg, lilac was used to cover the overwhelming stench of death, and today many people report that they smell lilacs at ghost sightings. Camera malfunctions on the battlefield are common, and it’s the most common site for ghost related incidents in Gettysburg.

The Whaley House

The Whaley House in San Diego, California has been called the most haunted house of all real life haunted houses in America. While the Whaley House is home to more than one ghost, the oldest of these is "Yankee Jim." James (aka Santiago) Robinson was convicted of attempted grand larceny in San Diego in 1852, and hanged off the back of a wagon on the site where the house was later built. The spirits of Thomas and Anna Whaley, the original builders of the house, have also been seen by visitors. The apparition of a young girl and that of a small, spotted dog have also been seen in this real haunted house. The Whaley House is now home to a history museum, and is thus, open to the public.