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A Few of the Most Famous CEOs

Individuals look for successful people as inspiration and benchmarks for their personal success.

Individuals look for successful people as inspiration and benchmarks for their personal success. Lessons on how to become the best CEO can only come from people who have been there and have looked from the summit of the challenge. Let us look at the best of the best CEOs today.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a self-made billionaire who has inspired millions with his business and investing ventures. While he is known as the smartest investor today, most of his investing philosophy is laid out in the open for many to follow. His company continues to put faith on valuable investments, because of his open approach that other people find hard to master. One important lesson that we can learn from Buffett is that being an investor and being a businessman should go hand in hand. One is a better investor because he is a good businessman, while one is a better businessman because he is a good investor.

“Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.”

Warren Buffett

Buffett's investment principles center on looking at the balance sheet and studying a potential startup from the inside out. Some smart investors may sell you into buying short term stocks based on their earnings. Buffett looks at the business model, its potential, and its probable impact on the market. We must look at our business as our investment in order to drive ourselves to be one of the best CEOs.. This perspective bodes well when you plan to invest in other ventures.

Steve Jobs

Apple's iPhone is the hot product that came of Steve Jobs' ingenuity. While Steve Jobs is only being recognized by consumers as a technology icon today, he has already introduced different products in the market that changed the landscape of home computing. His will to innovate gave him the leverage of a consumer cult that is rapidly expanding. Apple products such as iTunes, iPod, Mac OS, and iPhone are slowly penetrating today's lifestyle standards.

Steve Jobs’ ability that endeared most entrepreneurs is his effectiveness to set forth wonderful creations from paper to final product. He has always been known for presenting ideas with clarity and piercing verbiage. His vision, as reflected on Apple's latest products, shows that he is on the cutting-edge of the curve. We must have the vision and the commitment to get everybody to fall in line, as we navigate the company to our vision and become one of the best CEOs in the industry..

Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Perhaps the most underrated feature in the Internet that is tremendously useful for web users is search. The search engine industry fostered a slew of Internet marketing companies and helped define how a website becomes popular. As a web tool, it basically drew the Internet landscape. Thus, Google became the hottest online company with its penchant for usefulness. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, founders and CEO of Google, saw the opportunity before everyone else.

Today, Sergey Brin and Larry Page have defied critics who predicted that they were not good enough to handle a suddenly booming company. However, these young guys turned out to have important lessons to teach us, even for people who are older in the industry.

Brin and Page's mantra is "don't be evil." Business can be dirty as much as you tolerate it. Knowing not to be "evil" in front of your colleagues and clients is a habit that helps you build a reputation for being the good guy. In a competitive world, this is a hard lesson to learn, but if you give yourself the leverage not to cross the line, people will respect you as an entrepreneur and most importantly, as a person.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos had one thing on his list, customers first. This philosophy helped his startup propel to the biggest online store in the world. In fact, pleasing customers is his obsession. As the CEO of Amazon, he took the perspective of his customers to know what works and what does not. At a time where the Internet was making its first boom, Bezos invited many skeptics due to his business model. At that time, no one could understand what he was trying to do. From selling books online, Amazon is now the biggest retailer in the world.

“If you double the number of experiments you do per year you're going to double your inventiveness.”

Jeff Bezos

Bezos' work is inspiring because he was the first to test the waters of online shopping and made it a success. This achievement comes from knowing what the customers want. Knowing what the market demands from you should not be fundamentally different, whether your business is online or off line. To be the best CEO you can be, you have to attack the problem from a consumer standpoint and create solutions from this perspective. This will help you react faster and bring better value to the market.

Wall Street’s history is filled with the excitement of the early days of colonization. The Wall Street area has been used for commerce for centuries. Now, as Wall Street continues to be a major financial centre to the world, it does not seem as though this aspect of the area will ever slow down. From its humble beginnings as a wooden market place along an old stockade wall, Wall Street has grown into a magnificent showplace that is fantastic enough to show to the rest of the world.